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The University’s brand is intended to help tell its powerful story consistently and effectively.

In addition to the resources below, your colleagues in Marketing Communications can help ensure that you are applying the University’s brand messages and design appropriately. Our goal is to help you reach your goals within the framework of the University’s overall message and brand.

Visual Identity Guidelines

View the basic standards, colors, and how to use the logo.

Talking Points

It’s not always easy to talk about what makes SIU distinctive in a concise and meaningful way.  These talking points highlight some of the distinguishing characteristics of SIU that set us apart from other universities. Think of these as messages that you can use to help frame your thoughts as you talk about SIU.

About the Brand

The SIU Brand Book is the most comprehensive look at the overall strategy. For a more portable reference, the condensed brand brochure offers important top-level information to keep conversations on point.

Brand Graphic Design Tips