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In University Communications and Marketing, we use multiple tools – print, broadcast, digital, photography, advertising, social media, video and much more – to tell SIU’s story to its most important audiences. We work in partnership with offices across campus to develop and implement effective, cross-platform communication and marketing strategies designed to help you achieve your goals.

If you have a question that relates specifically to websites or social media or advertising or photography or marketing communication, feel free to contact the appropriate area by following the links at the left. If you’re not sure where to start, your best bet is to start with the communications and marketing staff member assigned to your unit as noted below. Wherever you start, our goal is to get you to the right place.

College of Agricultural Sciences: Hannah Erickson, 453-2508

College of Applied Sciences and Arts: Pete Rosenbery, 453-1439

College of Business: Christi Mathis, 453-6707

College of Education and Human Services: Christi Mathis, 453-6707

College of Engineering: Tim Crosby, 453-5308

School of Law: Pete Rosenbery, 453-1439 

College of Liberal Arts: Hannah Erickson, 453-2508

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts: Pete Rosenbery, 453-1439

School of Medicine: Karen Carlson, 217-545-3854

Morris Library: Christi Mathis, 453-6707

College of Science: Tim Crosby, 453-5308

Administrative Units and General Questions: Amy Fowler-Dawson, 453-2544

Auxiliary Units: Christi Mathis, 453-6707