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Execustive Director's Office

Name Position Number Email
Rae Goldsmith Chief Communications and Marketing Officer 453-2589
Julie Richmond Administrative Aide 453-2589
Andrea Steen Administrative Aide 453-2518


Name Position Number Email
Peter Lucas Assistant Director 453-3376

Communications and Marketing

Name Position Number Email
Amy Fowler-Dawson Associate Director 453-2544
Tim Crosby Public Information Associate 453-5308
vacant Public Information Coordinator 453-2508
Chelsea Johnson Customer Service Representative 453-1761
Christi Mathis Public Information Associate 453-6707
Pete Rosenbery Assistant Director 453-1439

Development Communications

Name Position Number Email
Rebecca Renshaw Associate Director 453-1328
Britni Bateman Graphic Designer 453-4969
Jeff Wilson Digital Communications 453-1393

Marketing Communications

Name Position Number Email
John Mann Associate Director 453-1775
Jay Bruce Graphic Design Manager 453-1438
Rusty Bailey Senior Photographer 453-1742
Andrea Hahn Publications Manager 453-2814
Nate Krummel Graphic Designer 453-2869
Kelly McGuire Graphic Designer 453-1436

Social Media and Communications

Name Position Number Email
Tamarah Cook Assistant Director 453-2061
Todd Duermyer Videographer 453-2637
Yenitza Melgoza Photographer 453-5364

Web Communications

Name Position Number Email
Jessica Mann Associate Director 453-8734
vacant Web Developer
Kyle Lake Web Specialist III 453-2512
Gracie Ritter Web Specialist III 453-2510
Jaclyn Durcholz Web Specialist I 453-1410
Jessica Carr Marketing Associate 453-2059
Nancy Skogvaard Marketing Associate 453-2357

Note: All numbers begin with the 618 area code.